Outrider Horseback Riding


Talk about a real Wild-West adventure! This just might be the trip of a lifetime. This option is all inclusive. Ok, well almost all inclusive, you’ve got to bring a bag or something to sleep in, and we highly recommend a ‘beverage of choice.’ The price includes dinner & breakfast cooked over an open fire, and all the riding any city slicker can handle.

Outrider Horses at Camp Pearl Lake in Benzie County

We ride out from the farm in the afternoon and take about 2 hours to get to the camp. After dinner we can kick up our heels and enjoy the great outdoors from camp, or we can mount up and have some fun with your newest best friend. If you’re really adventuresome, and the timing is right, we’ll take out under the full moon. In the morning there’s breakfast, and of course, Cowboy Coffee, then it’s back on the trail. Depending on how everyone is feeling, we can take 2-6 hours to get back to the stable.

Breakfast while camping with Outrider Horseback Riding taking Outrider Horses for a walk in a lake in Northern Michigan

What’s for dinner? Why, only the finest Cowboy Grub! We’ll fix you just about anything you like, cowboy-style. We recommend our soon to be famous country ribs. They come in pork or beef and we cook ‘em up with bbq sauce over the open fire. The ribs go great with a side of potatoes with onions & mushrooms and a salad. We top it all off with a classic dessert, you guessed it, Cowboy Fruit Cake.

Breakfast will be eggs, ham steak or bacon, toast, and cowboy coffee.

Cost is $150 per person for one night.

Call for reservations: (231) 275-7065